Erin + Kevin | Brooklyn Bridge Beach Wedding / by Liora Klein

May 21st, 2016 - Brooklyn Bridge Beach

May 21st, 2016 - Brooklyn Bridge Beach

I've been meaning to blog about the images from Erin and Kevin's big day for a while, but life has had me busy! I do feel need to explain and write about that every time I come back to these images, I become overwhelmed with memories of the day and how truly proud of myself and my work I could be. Every photographer has these moments where they recognize in an image that "YES.... THIS IS WHAT I DO AND THIS IS WHAT I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO CAPTURE AND SHOW THE WORLD". Some crazy mixture of the location, the weather, the bride and the groom made for some of the best imagery that I think I've ever captured in a wedding. And hey, we're allowed to be proud of ourselves once in a while, right? 


Well, before I go on too long about how I felt about the day, I'll give you a little break down and then let you enjoy some of my favorite images for yourself.


The day was grey and teasing rain every minute. The bride and groom were one floor apart and both in extremely high spirits. Family and friends were stopping by, drinks were being poured and plenty of laughs were being had. The weather didn't worry anyone because they all knew - the day would just go on as it should.


We planned a first look at another spot in the park under the bridge, and I hid Erin in the Environmental Education Center while I set Kevin up and had him wait for his bride to tap on his shoulder. His face said it all - the only thing he cared about was seeing his soon-to-be-wife. No matter what else happened that day, the two of them just wanted to be with each other. Just look below - their eyes say it for themselves! 


Once they saw each other, the rest of the day just went perfectly. The rain started drizzling the moment they had their first kiss and walked off the beach. They had their Bride and Groom umbrellas ready for the walk to their reception venue - 26 Bridge - which made for perfect moments to catch. The dinner was a beautiful relaxed buffet filled with dancing and love. Isn't that all we could ever ask of a wedding? Smiles all around, rain holding off until the last minute, free flowing drinks and some good music to boogie down to.


And there we go - Erin and Kevin's beautiful Brooklyn Bridge Beach wedding finally on my blog. Enjoy.