Enter: Mamiya 645AF / by Liora Klein

You know how we all get into those ruts where the seemingly only way out is to purchase ourselves an unnecessary gift? Well, I recently had one of those and the solution was a Mamiya 645AF. She came fully loaded with a 120/220 film back and the 80 F2.8 lens. I couldn't wait to get her in my hands and had express ordered some film from B&H. When she arrived it was nighttime and the light in our house is terrible, so I popped in some Delta 3200 and shot away.

Clearly my first victims were Andrew and JoJo. Don't they look excited? Well, I was and I brought her into work the next day to creep on some Co-workers/employees.

This is Lizzy. She loves mail so much she's made herself a cubicle out of boxes.

This is Julien and he's a crazy frenchman who tinkers with cameras all day.

This is Patrick and he is a customer service Guru.


I didn't get to see these images until I came back from vacation - which I will write about in another post - and when I finally got the rolls developed I was as happy as I could be. The camera did exactly what I needed her to do, get me psyched about photography again. Which is really what brought me here, to this revamped website and to this blog. I can't let my passion fade again. I won't.